Constitution & By-laws

Officially Adopted 2.14.2013


The name of this organization will be the Association of State Baptist Publications.


The purpose of the Association of State Baptist Publications is to:

  1. promote fellowship among the editors and staffs of Baptist news publications;
  2. to foster mutual helpfulness to the editors in solving common problems;
  3. to stimulate higher standards of religious journalism;
  4. to afford a medium of expressing the opinion of editors on vital problems and issues that confront the denomination.


  1. The regular membership of the Association of State Baptist Publications shall be composed of the news publication of the State Conventions cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention.
  2. Associate membership shall be available to press services working in close cooperation with the regular members of the association, and to the primary official publication of a state convention that does not have a newspaper.
  3. Both regular and associate membership in this association shall be granted upon the vote of two-thirds majority of the members attending an annual business meeting. They shall remain members until two-thirds of members attending an annual business meeting vote to terminate that status.


  1. The Association of State Baptist Publications shall have two officers: the president and president-elect. Officers must be editors or staff of regular member publications that are current in paying their annual dues. The president and president-elect shall be elected at the February meeting of the association. A committee appointed by the president shall bring nominations for president and president-elect but additional nominations from the floor will be welcomed.
  2. The president and president-elect shall be elected to a one-year term and neither shall succeed himself/herself until one term shall have intervened.
  3. The officers of the association, together with the immediate past-president, shall serve as an executive committee. The executive committee shall ensure that the association functions according to the constitution and shall act in behalf of the association between annual meetings. The executive secretary treasurer shall be a non-voting, ex officio member of the executive committee.
  4. In the event of the death or resignation of the president, the president-elect shall immediately become president.


  1. The Association of State Baptist Publications shall meet at least twice each year.
  2. The annual meeting shall be held in February at a time and place to be determined by the association at least two years in advance.
  3. The association also shall meet in conjunction with the annual session of the Southern Baptist Convention.


  1. The Program Committee for the annual February meeting shall be composed of the executive committee and the host editor. It shall be the duties of this committee to plan a program, select speakers and determine the theme of the February meeting.
  2. Other committees shall be appointed as may be instructed by or agreed upon by the group at any one of the meetings during the year.


  1. Constitutional amendments shall require a two-thirds majority vote of members present for approval provided the amendment is introduced at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting at which the amendment is being considered.


  1. Voting. Each regular member publication that is current on paying its annual dues shall be entitled to one vote. Associate members shall not vote.
  2. Attendance. Attendance at any of the meetings shall be limited to the editors and staff of member publications (regardless of whether current in payment of dues), to retired editors, to invited speakers on the program and to such other guests as may be acceptable to the group.
  3. Participation. Participation in the work of the association (service on committees, etc.) shall be limited to editors and staff of regular and associate member publications that are current in paying their annual dues.
  4. Annual Dues. The Association’s Executive Committee shall review membership dues annually. Any changes deemed appropriate shall be submitted to the Association for approval. Notice of dues shall be sent to member publications during the first quarter of the association’s fiscal year.  The fiscal year shall be April 1 – March 31.
  5. Administration of finances. Bills shall be paid upon receipt of a statement from a person authorized by the executive committee to obligate the association. The executive committee and/or president shall determine all honorariums.

    A financial report reflecting the income and expenses of the association shall be distributed to all members annually. A more detailed report including all funds received and disbursed shall be available to members on request. A reserve fund at least equal to an average of the past three years’ annual expenses shall be maintained. The president of the association shall be responsible to examine this detailed record each year and to discuss its content with the executive secretary treasurer. If appropriate and at the president’s discretion, matters of interest in the report should be considered by the executive committee. Financial contributions made by the Association must be approved by the executive committee or by a vote of the Association.
  6. Authority. The parliamentary authority of the Association of State Baptist Publications shall be Robert’s Rules of Order.
  7. Employees. The association may employ such persons as the membership finds necessary, such as an executive secretary-treasurer. Compensation for employee services must be paid directly to the employee. The executive committee shall function as the personnel committee of the association.
  8. Amendments. Bylaws may be amended at any annual business meeting of the association provided the amendment is introduced at a prior business session of that annual meeting. A two-thirds vote is necessary to amend the bylaws.