Debbie Shelton

Resolution Honoring Debbie Shelton upon her retirement as an editor

WHEREAS, Debbie Sheltonis editor of the CNBC Horizon Weekly (formerly The Baptist Horizon) news journal for Canadian National Baptist Convention, where she also serves as communications coordinator; and

WHEREAS, she received an undergraduate education from Oakland City University in Oakland City, Indiana, where she earned a B.A. in art education; and

WHEREAS, she and her husband, Bob, immigrated to Canada in 1984 to plant a church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, moving to the Calgary area in 1998 to work with the convention and now have citizenship in the U.S. and Canada; and

WHEREAS, she first came to the Horizon office with seven years of experience doing magazine layout for a desktop publishing business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and after helping Nancy McGough, the founding editor, with the layout of the convention paper, was promoted in January 2007 to editor and communications coordinator; and

WHEREAS, she led change in the layout and design of The Baptist Horizonthrough the years
of its publication, including adding color in 2002, publishing their first French translation in May of 2009, and eventually moving into a fully online digital magazine, and finally as an interactive and timely weekly online news service; and

WHEREAS, during her tenure at the CNBC Horizon, she successfully fulfilled her vision to lead the organization toward an unwavering commitment to the Bible, the Great Commission and God’s glory; and

WHEREAS she was a faithful and active participant in the Association of State Baptist Papers, now the Association of State Baptist Publications, during her time as editor; and

WHEREAS, she will retire June 30, 2020, after serving 21 years with the CNBC;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the grateful members of the Association of State Baptist Publications, gathering for their virtual annual meeting, do convey their deep appreciation for the contribution of Debbie Shelton to Southern Baptist life and cooperation on this date, June 23, 2020.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that members of the Association of State Baptist Publications do commit to pray for her and her husband, Bob, as she enters a new season of ministry, taking time for personal growth and more time with their four children and 10 grandchildren.