Shawn Hendricks

A Resolution Expressing Appreciation and recognizing the work of Shawn Hendricks

Whereas Shawn Hendricks served Southern Baptists as a journalist in various capacities for 20 years through Word and Way, the International Mission Board, Biblical Recorder and Baptist Press;

Whereas he has developed and facilitated friendships and partnerships within and between Southern Baptist journalistic entities and publications;

Whereas he has received recognition for his and his team’s journalistic work from both the Evangelical Press Association and the Baptist Communicators Association; and

Whereas he has assisted state Baptist publications’ ability to cover Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meetings, Southern Baptist entity activities, and member publications’ stories;

therefore be it resolved that the members of the Association of State Baptist Publications recognize his contributions to Southern Baptist journalism; and

be it further resolved that the association expresses its deep appreciation for his impact upon member publications’ ability to tell Southern Baptists’ story.