The BR magazine is just around the corner

Originally posted on Dec. 8, 2020 on The Biblical Recorder by Seth Brown

December 12 will mark the last publication of the Biblical Recorder’s bi-weekly newspaper, but it is the beginning of a new era for our printed news. Since 1833, the Recorder has been a news source for North Carolina Baptists. That legacy continues as we publish on more platforms than ever. The forthcoming monthly magazine in January will be an outstanding addition.

Former editor Josiah Bailey (1895-1907) honored the Recorder’s 70th anniversary by saying it should be a source of inspiration and a “bond of unity binding an ever-larger number of informed Baptists in faith and in interest in missions.”

I couldn’t agree more. And I hope our new magazine format will be received as an ongoing commitment by our staff to ensure that heritage lives on.

The widespread virus that struck the world this year caught us all off guard. It forced us to reassess our content and business strategies. But it did not shake our commitment to the Great Commission, our love for missions partnerships nor our principled stand for responsible journalism. 

We did not make decisions on our heels. Our board and staff members leaned in, planned ahead and acted decisively.

I’m sharing this information to assure you our new magazine is not an afterthought or mere reaction. Altering our print format is a strategic move that better suits our content as we continue to adapt to an ever-changing media landscape.

We embrace a digital-first strategy, which simply means our staff acknowledges that breaking news happens online. That’s just a fact of our day. But printed products still retain the ability to engage readers in a unique and meaningful way – not to mention they are accessible beyond the reaches of high-speed internet.

Readers often ask for deeper, more inspirational reporting about how God is working among North Carolina Baptists. With the magazine, we have more effective tools to present those stories to our readers. 

The debut issue will feature a cover story about a family that is sacrificially living out pro-life values through adoption and other ministries. We are also planning informative articles and columns about the sanctity of life and how churches can demonstrate to their communities the importance of the imago Dei. You don’t want to miss these articles.

The Recorder is proud to introduce its new magazine in January. We hope you will be excited to read it.